My Story

One Valentines day my amazing wife, Lauren, brought me a gift that would change our lives. She brought me my first real decent camera. I had other cameras before that but one thing was missing, my passion for photography. Little did I know that my passion would grow and from this gift it would give me a whole new outlook on the world around me. 

I'd use a point and shoot camera before but nothing as technical as a DSLR. I practiced and practiced, snapping away at all different subjects. From standing on the seafront capturing meteor showers on freezing winter nights to taking photos of our dog Archie. I was completely mesmerised by photography and being able to capture the perfect shot. I became obsessed with teaching myself to manipulate natural light and knew that I could make this more than just a hobby.

After photographing anything and everything I could,  I wanted to focus on one subject that fascinated me. I wanted to become a storyteller with images. There's something special about capturing an image that transports you back to the very day it was taken. I look back on my wedding photos at all the fun we had, all the little stories we have from that one day brought back by one image. I remember those who are not with us anymore and how important that one image can be. For me its something I hold close to my heart and thats what I wanted to give others. Not just a photo, a moment that lets you feel exactly what you felt at that time.

Everything changed that day my wife brought me that camera, little did she realise the impact it would have on me. I can never thank her enough to opening my eyes to this whole new world and supporting me in chasing my dreams.