Jordan & Brendans West Sussex Wedding - Long Furlong Barn

There are a few things that you always want at a wedding. An excited couple, lots of naughty food and the sun to be out. Jordan and Brendan's day had it all!

Starting off the celebrations, Jordan and Brendan hired a beautiful beach house for there bridal party and family to stay at. It was the ideal setting to get everyone in the mood for a day like no other.

When I arrived, Jordan was finalising all the small details of the day and was very chilled. All her bridesmaids looked so excited to see Jordan in her dress and when the time come to reveal her transformation it did get a little emotional. Jordan looked stunning!

Once I arrived at Long Furlong Barn, I went to see Brendan to have a little chat about what the day holds, also to see how he was holding up. You know how us men get at a wedding, we're usually the most emotionally ones. What I was greeted with was someone who genuinely looked like the happiest man alive and couldn't wait to see Jordan.

As usual the ceremony was filled with laughter and tears of happiness. You could just feel that Jordan and Brendan were the perfect match and how much it meant to them to celebrate with all their family and friends.

After the ceremony, it was time to let loose a little. The music filled the barn along with laughter and cheers. The drinks were flowing and everyone was having a blast. This was a celebration not to be missed!