A snapshot of Thailand

I'm a great believer that you should see something once rather than hear about it a thousand times. Thats why I love to travel. Nothing beats waking up in the morning knowing that an adventure awaits. Whether it's shopping at a local market, visiting a temple or bamboo rafting down a jungle river. I treasure all these moments and what value the experience has on my life.

One of the first places that we wanted to visit, other than the poolside bar, was the tsunami memorial. After seeing the devastation it caused on the TV, it's one them moments in life that will always stick with me. It will be one that will be remembered in hundreds of years to come and people will still be in disbelief at the toll it took on everyone affected. I felt I wanted to pay my respects whilst I was there and educate myself on how it occurred. The locals were very up front in sharing there stories, each one very different to the next. Stories of survival, stories of loss and stories of how a community came together to rebuild their lives. 

Below you will see an image of a boat. This boat had a story of its own, a reminder of the power of the tsunami. On the morning of 26 December 2004, Police Boat 813 Buretpadungkit was on patrol, serving as a guard to Prince Poom Jensen, grandson of the king of Thailand, as he was jet skiing in front of La Flora Resort in Khao Lak, where Her Royal Highness Princess Ubolratana Rajakanya was staying with her son and daughter. Poom Jensen drowned after being struck by the tsunami and the Police Boat was swept inland 2 kilometers. Princess Ubolratana Rajakanya and her daughter survived by fleeing to an upper floor of La Flora. The boat was left where it landed and is now maintained as a memorial.

After exploring the town and local markets we wanted to go on an adventure, this was slightly limited by the fact that Lauren is 24 weeks pregnant, so no sky diving for us. We decide to see James Bond island, visit a floating village and the famous Wat Suwanakhuha. 

Wat Suwanakhuha is one of the most historic of Phang-nga’s temples and houses a 15 meters long reclining Buddha surrounded by macaque monkeys. 

Thailand is one of the most beautiful countries that i've visit, it has breathtaking views, a natural world nothing like we could ever see here in the UK, delicious food and so much more than I haven't touched on. However, there was one thing that made it stand out for me, the people. They always had a smile on their faces and a joke to tell. They were always so caring and thoughtful especially when it came to Lauren and bump. Out of the whole trip its the people who I will remember the most. Oh, and the sun. I definitely miss the warmth.